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Unleash Your Potential:
Elevate Your Fitness Journey with HS BODYFIT

Experience personalized fitness empowerment both in-studio and online, with our exclusive Trainerize app integration – Start your transformation today!



Welcome to HS Bodyfit, a haven where fitness meets expertise. Situated in the serene coastal town of Yzerfontein, our personal training studio is the brainchild of Hanno Swanepoel. With a background in gymnastics and a passion for optimal physical performance, Hanno brings a wealth of experience to your fitness journey. Guided by a core philosophy that encompasses holistic well-being, HS Bodyfit goes beyond workouts, focusing on health, fitness, and mental strength. Our commitment to tailored training programs ensures that each client's unique challenges and goals are met. Whether in-person or through our personalized online training.



Hanno Swanepoel

Founder and Head Trainer at HS Bodyfit, Hanno Swanepoel is more than a fitness expert – he's a catalyst for transformation. With a profound background in gymnastics and years of dedicated training, Hanno brings unparalleled insight into the mechanics of the human body and the art of effective training. As a certified personal trainer, he's committed to guiding clients through remarkable body transformations, from shedding excess weight to building lean muscle and enhancing flexibility. Hanno's personalized approach stems from his understanding that every individual has distinct challenges and aspirations. His expertise, coupled with a passion for holistic well-being, ensures that HS Bodyfit isn't just a fitness studio – it's a life-changing experience. Whether you're taking your first fitness steps or seeking to elevate your journey, Hanno is your dedicated partner in achieving your goals.



Getting Here:
Located next to Elegant Fuel Garage 

Our Address:

31 Buitekant st Yzerfontein 


082 800 6135

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